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Find a Yoga Teacher, You'll Find Your Path

Find a Yoga Teacher, You'll Find Your Path In the "Experts About Yoga" series, we publish with great pleasure the text of the yogi Łukasz Łukasz. This is the first of his two texts. Today, Łukasz shares with us his deep reflection on how to find his path in yoga and what role the yoga teacher plays in the whole journey. Very personal text - we highly recommend it. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh best place for meditation in india yoga teacher I'll start with the truism. Yoga practice is not easy. It requires consistency, dedication, trust and willingness. It happens that the desire is not lacking, but when it comes to action, the initial enthusiasm quickly goes out. Signing up for regular classes can be a challenge for many people. Requires a departure from habits and change habits as well as a set order of the day. The process of changing habits can be treated as a practice in itself ☺ Once you have completed this step, the practitioner stan

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